The Stillness of the Heart – Meditation Workshop

Meditation workshop

Explore or deepen your meditation practice and your experience of the Heart   Yoga is a holistic practice that aims at reconnecting ourselves with our natural lifeforce and inner wisdom not only in our body and mind, but also in […]

Bending for the Heart – Safer and Deeper into backbends

Backbends, shoulder- and chest-opening poses are a powerful part of a yoga asana practice, known for their enlivening, mood-enhancing and feel-great virtues. Yet working with this part of the body can be tricky because shoulders are a complex area, easily […]

“Awakened Heart” – safe backbends and heart-openings

yoga workshop

Yoga Workshop   Explore how yoga connects you to your heart with asanas, alignment techniques for safe backbends, as well as ancient heart-opening mantras and meditation.   Yoga is about connecting to and revealing the Heart, ”Hridaya”; our deeper self. […]