Raising our havingness level

Yoga teaches us that there is always more. Yet we are afraid of “what more” life can bring. Recently, I became familiar with the term “havingness:” our capacity to have, and in particular to stay open and receive love, money, joy or abundance in other kinds of way.

A couple of weekends ago, I was very lucky to have one of the best birthdays in my life. Already one or two days before, I started to receive loving and considerate attentions, messages, treats, and surprises… On my actual birthday the weather was stunningly gorgeous. I woke up, jumped in the water at the harbor, and drove up north to Tisvilde to teach a yoga weekend retreat. The unfolding of the day was just perfect, amazing group, beautiful sharings, walks by the beach, sauna, great dinner and even a birthday song. I felt blessed to celebrate my birthday by doing what I deeply love. I was filled with bliss and gratitude. My havingness level raised pretty high! When I got home, I got even more celebrated, and during the night my system was so full that I got sick! It felt like my body and nervous system had reached a maximum level of abundance and joy, could not handle more and needed recuperation. It was time to let things sink in and integrate the gifts of this very special weekend.

Research shows that lottery winners often loose their fortune very rapidly, because they are not able to cope with such abundance in their economy. Our body system needs to adjust to “more” gradually. Because yoga teaches us that there is always more and that life is inherently good, we want to be able to open to the gifts life has in store for us by gradually opening to abundance to eventually raise our havingness level.

Nourishing our Hearts

Look around. Blossoms, sprouts, leaves springing out again, light and sunshine… This time of the year invites us to appreciate and take in the abundance that nature “embodies” and shares with us right now.

My preferred way to open to abundance and connect to that insatiable source of joy is to connect to the Heart. The Heart, Hridaya in Sanskrit, depicts the center of the Self, the place in our body where we can connect to our own depths, find “home,” and connect to a bigger, supportive energy. Yoga can open our hearts. It has certainly for me, and I want to share that with you.

I invite you on May 26th to a special, 3-hour Yoga for the Heart workshop to dive into the depths of the Heart, working with shoulder therapeutics, easeful ways to come into backbends, nurturing meditations, and a heart-opening asana sequence. We will explore the universe of the Heart in its different aspects – physical, dynamic, as well as on a sweet and spiritual level. Check the Heart Workshop page for a unique heart-awakening experience.

Meanwhile, start or continue to nurture your heart by intentionally nourishing yourself. What can you do today that will feel nourishing and good? 

Connect to nature, set aside one hour or more just for you, no need to produce or accomplish anything. Treat yourself in a good way, take a yoga class or connect with someone you love. A powerful nourishing practice I know is restorative yoga. Supta Baddha Konasana is one of my favorite poses and work with both opening and nourishing the Heart. Let the pictures below inspire you. Set up a quiet space and time, and indulge… Come to one of my restorative classes at Pakhus Yoga, Sundays at 5pm for more nourishment.

Elevate your upper body with a bolster (or a long pillow) and a bloc (or a book). Bring the soles of your feet together and lean your back onto the bolster and block. Palms facing up, breathe and rest here for 3 to 10 min…

Thank you for being on the journey of Heart awakening. I can’t wait to see you or hear from you!



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