Yoga Trainings

Are you an aspiring yoga teacher?

Do you already teach yoga and are looking for inspiration and further studies?

Do you want to go deeper in your practice and knowledge of yoga?

If you answer YES to any of the above, so check the offerings below and upcoming trainings…

For teachers to be

Early 2023, Nicolai Boas and Cédric Gorinas will take a group of aspiring teachers to the tropics to deepen their yogic studies and learn how to share this amazing practice with others….

More info announced soon on Yoga Teacher Training 2023 page or on Yoga Flat’s website.

For Yoga Teachers

Deepen and refine your knowledge of alignment, and learn how to elegantly empower your students and help them experience their full potential through body alignment.

Expect to learn both techniques and a more intuitive approach to alignment and body awareness.

Contact Cédric at for any questions!


Cédric Gorinas