Embodied Coaching & Therapy

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When the mind does not know, the body does.

Career. Relationship. Loss. Sickness. Fear for the future.

Life is made of situations that once in a while leave us in a place of doubt, confusion, sadness and even fear or anxiety. When this happens, very understandably we humans want to know what to do to make these go and move forward.

Whatever the challenge you might be facing, there is something about it your mind cannot “think through.” This is because, as yoga teaches us, “not knowing” is part of life.

Actually, we are not meant to know everything, Mystery is what helps us be curious and find the answers, one at a time, that lay within our body.

The question is whether we are willing to listen, deeply enough.

The body always wants to speak to us. Whether though your breath, your posture, an illness, a scarce, a tension or an impulse, there is always something to hear coming from the body.

Anna had lost her dad one year ago when she came to see me. With a full-time job and two small kids, there was not much time left for her to process her grief. Each time she tried to give space to her feelings, she felt overwhelmed. No wonder she found it more helpful to focus on all her responsibilities than making time to grieve. Yet she was starting to get weird symptoms in her body and discouraged about life.

In just a couple of sessions, Anna found back into her body and to the unprocessed grief that was so much looking forward to being seen and felt. With breath, body awareness, gentle body work and some therapy processing, together we gradually allowed her grief to move and found a place where she could befriend it instead of avoiding it. Today, Anna is able to connect to her father in her own way and keep her heart open to what she misses from him and also what she is grateful for.

Bodies don’t lie. My experience with clients and my own journey has taught me that our bodies will always lead us to where we need to go in order to find balance and clarity again.

Anna is just an example of a client who I have accompanied. Through her willingness to stay connected to herself and loyal to her body, she learned to transform a difficult life event into an opportunity to build more balance and satisfaction in herself.

Joe, in his early-forties, was seriously questioning his (otherwise well-paid and stable) career path and capacity to get into a thriving relationship. Although he would go to yoga once in a while, he would keep “slipping on the slippery slope” and deal with it with sugar or an extra glass of wine. In a few regular meetings, he slowly re-discovered the joy of being “embodied”: the inner resources to gain confidence, aliveness, and an eagerness to stay healthy. Few months later he met his significant other and created a company that today thrives and fulfills his creative aspirations.

Of course, I am not the one who “fixed” Joe’s, Anna’s or anyone else’s problems, gave them advice or even made a plan for their life. Common to all of them, however, was their willingness to open to the body, let some sort of healing and guidance emerge, and develop the resources to trust what was unfolding for them.

I am seeing my role as a helper, a guide or a friend on your path. I am here to support you to stay on track with what wants to move forward in you and what needs to be seen, felt and processed in order to get there.

[NB: For professional secrecy clients’ names stated here are fictive, also the stories are real]

The body at the core

Your body knows what needs to move. What needs to grow. What needs to go. What you need in order to find yourself again.

Talking our problems through or “spiritualizing” them are great, but not enough. Only when the physical part of ourselves is fully integrated can we feel whole and balance more sustainably. The last decade of work with my own journey and with clients has taught me than the body is a critical part of our decision-making and healing journey.

Departing in the body can only lead us forward in a balanced, connected and present way. When you integrate your body, it will start working together with the mind and your emotions and give you a stable sense of balance and satisfaction.

One of my missions in life is to help others reconnect to their body and the wisdom that is already within it.

I do not view the body as separated from the mind or the emotions, but actually completely interconnected with them. A feeling is always located in the body. A thought or a belief will always have an anchor and an effect on the body. Our work together is about bringing the body, the mind, and the heart back into harmony in a way that lasts.

In individual sessions, my intention is to help you find the support that you need to stand on your own feet and move through your life, in every situation and every stage of it, with balance and clarity.

Is this work right for you?

I am not here to tell you what to do, to fix you or hand you a solution. Rather I see my role as a guide: a coach or a guide that helps you in getting back in touch with a sense of balance and clarity that comes from inside.

Together we will make time to rediscover the resourcing aspect that your body can be for you. You will get concrete “homework” and body-based tools you always can return to and use in-between sessions.

We will possibly be a good match if you can identify with at least one of the following:

  • You are curious about the integration of your body intelligence with your emotional and mental worlds,
  • You look for punctual or continuous support to help you move through a challenging life situation and find your feet again,
  • You are open to body-work and therapy/process-oriented work happening in one and the same session,
  • You are open to holistic health,
  • You work as an artist, movement teacher, body therapist or counselor and could use some support to find balance between professional and personal lives

Your practicioner, Cédric

I have studied and practiced movement, anatomy, philosophy, therapy, mindfulness, yoga, spiritual teachings and other healing modalities for over a decade.

My passion is to I am dedicated to translate these teachings into everyday-life situation, personally, and for my students and clients. I use mindfulness, movement, somatic psychology, wisdom teachings, coaching, poetry, nature, and inner contemplation as daily practices and to navigate the situations that life brings online for me.

My approach is:

holistic in nature, including many sources of inspiration and approaches, from mindfulness to coaching and somatic therapy, yet not tied to one particular tradition or system.

integrated, because I always view the body, the mind, and the heart together and not to be left compartmented.

therapeutic, because we are here to heal and grow. It is just how nature goes: a wound, a seed… will always find the inner intelligence to recover.

In a more concrete way, in my work with you I will use some of all of these modalities:

  • Body-oriented psychotherapy (Hakomi method),
  • Coaching,
  • Somatic (body-based) awareness,
  • Mindfulness,
  • Movement and yoga,
  • Ancient and modern wisdom,
  • Energy work,
  • Body-work.

Each session differs in nature and for each client. I am committed to respect your rhythm and respond to what you look for and what your “system” expresses in each moment.

A session will typically combine work sitting on a chair laying down on a massage table (you stay fully clothed).


Sessions can be in English, Danish or French (fluency in the 3 languages) and take place in person in central Copenhagen. Online sessions are also possible.

For more info or schedule a session, drop me an email cedric@heartwiseyoga.com, a text or an informal phone call (WhatsApp or regular cell phone) at +45 50 47 75 21.

I look forward to hearing from you and supporting you on your journey.


and many blessings