Integrated body-mind therapy

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I believe in the intelligence of the body to heal and process our experiences organically.

Wherever we are and whatever is going on in our life, the body always wants to speak to us. Our body-mind-heart complex is full of resources and wisdom that we can use to move through life, but from time to time we forget where these are or how to access them.

My intention is simply to support and assist you in returning to your inner intelligence, integrating resources, and discovering your personal process.

Something I know about life is that growth or life always wants to happen. This is how plants grow, scratches heal, and stream flow down from their mountain source. Humans are the same. Life brings us challenges only when we are ready to meet them. I am simply here to help you along the way in this meeting.

My approach is informed by several techniques, healing modalities and traditions. It is holistic in nature, including many sources of inspiration, yet not tied to one particular tradition or system. It is integrated, because I always view the body, the mind, and the heart want to collaborate with one another and not to be left compartmented. It is therapeutic, because we are here to heal and grow. It is just how nature goes.

Your practicioner, Cédric

I have studied and practiced spiritual teachings for nearly a decade. I am dedicated to translate these teachings into everyday-life situation, personally, and for my students and clients. I use mindfulness, movement, somatic psychology, wisdom teachings, poetry, nature, and inner contemplation as daily practices and to navigate the situations that life brings online for me.

Some of the modalities I combine in my work with you:

  • Body-oriented psychotherapy (Hakomi method),
  • Embodied coaching,
  • Somatic resourcing,
  • Mindfulness,
  • Movement and yoga,
  • Teachings and wisdom from ancient and more modern traditions,
  • Energy work,
  • Light touch and pressure,
  • Intuitive healing.

Each session differs in nature and for each client. I am committed to respect your rhythm and respond to what your “system” expresses in each moment.

A session will typically combine work sitting on a chair laying down on a massage table (you stay fully clothed).


Sessions can be in English, Danish or French (fluency in the 3 languages) and take place in person in central Copenhagen, or online via conference call.

For more info or schedule a session, drop me an email, a text or an informal phone call (WhatsApp or regular cell) at +45 50 47 75 21.

I look forward to hearing from you and supporting you on your journey.


and many blessings