Coaching & Personal Development

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Individual support, just for you

Career. Relationship. Loss. Sickness. Fear for the future. Haunting from the past. Or a strong impulse for a new direction or ongoing support.

Nothing is not “important” enough not to get help.

Changes are part of life, and we are not supposed to always be in control.

This being said, changes are often challenging, disorienting, and can understandingly throw us out of balance.

This is where we can use some support to make it through.

Is this the support you are looking for?

How would you like to be helped?

Perhaps, long-term therapy is not necessarily what you are looking for.

Simple body work either.

Yoga and mindfulness are great, but right now they do not seem like enough…


Then, maybe I can help.

I am not here to fix you and give you answers you do not have. But I can help you find those, or even ask yourself the right questions…

You are willing to work on yourself and be open to receive support. You are ready to find a new sense of inner strength and power, and you are committed to implement changes that can be truly supportive of your path and current life.

How we would work together

Drawing from over a decade of dedicated practice and studies, I approach personal development from a holistic perspective. A red thread to the different tools and methods we might use is a groundedness in the intelligence of the body and the “here and now”.

I am seeing my role as a helper, a guide or a friend on your path. I am here to support you to stay on track with what wants to move forward in you and what needs to be seen, felt and processed in order to get there.

Together we will make time to rediscover the resourcing aspect that your body can be for you. You will get concrete homework and simple tools you can use in-between sessions and take with you on your path.

In a more concrete way, in our work together we might use some of the following modalities:

  • Body-oriented psychotherapy (I am trained in the Hakomi method)
  • Coaching
  • Somatic (body-based) awareness
  • Mindfulness
  • Movement and yoga
  • Ancient and modern philosophy teachings
  • Energy and intuitive work
  • Light body work (on a table, with clothes on)

Each session differs in nature and for each client. I am committed to respect your rhythm and respond to what you look for and what your body-mind-heart “system” expresses in each moment.

Logistics – Technically

Sessions can be in English, Danish or French (fluency in the 3 languages).

We can meet in person in central Copenhagen or online.

The price is 950 DKK for 1h15. Sliding scale available for those in need.

For more info, drop me an email and we will set up a call or a meeting to assess if we could work together.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope to support you on your journey!