With a private yoga or meditation session you get sharp and personal yoga teaching completely tailor-made to your needs, wishes, and your life situation. I offer private sessions in the Copenhagen area in English, Danish or French.

Privates can make a significant difference in your life and yoga practice, especially if you want to…

… Heal and train your body in a safe and effective way

You deal with a body injury and/or have special needs (e.g. lower back pain, stress symptoms, post-surgery, etc.). You would like to train in a way that feels safe, improves your physical shape and possibly your body posture, while matching your current challenges and needs.

The right yoga practice can help you fulfill this wish to progressively feel stronger in your body and at peace in your mind.

… Jumpstart your yoga or meditation practice

You are relatively new to yoga or meditation. Group classes can be challenging in the beginning as each student has different levels and needs.

With one or few private sessions you will know the yoga poses and practices that match your body, level and goals. As a result you will benefit more from group practice more and progress more quickly.

Like physical yoga, meditation has numerous benefits such as increased focus, lower stress, and deeper connection to self. Starting meditation is never easy. Private guidance in meditation can help you start softly but effectively and develop a regular practice, if this is something that you would like.

… Take your practice to a new level

You are a relatively experienced yogi and want to deepen your practice, for instance developing a regular yoga practice, working with a specific group of poses, or deepening your meditation or spiritual practice.

A private class can provide you with the essential keys to boost your practice, thus enhancing its benefits for your body and supporting your personal development.

 Contact me at and let’s discuss how I can support you.