Gentle Yoga practice

Softer, slower practices. Some include restorative poses and yoga therapeutics.

Relax & Renew (Gentle 1), 3.5.20. 60 min

Stable & Clear (Gentle 1) 26.4.20. 55 min.

Vairagya: Easing letting go (Gentle 1) 19.4.20. 60 min.

Easy now: Gentle practice for challenging times (Gentle 1) 30.3.20 – 35 min

Back to Practice: Emphasizing Self-care (Hatha 1): Yoga basics, 31.03.20 – 63 min

Faith (Space element) (Hatha 1/Gentle). 31.03.20. 41min. This class is part of a 5-class series, “Navigating the Unknown” with the Five Elements.

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