Meditations – videos and audios with Cedric

Guides in English

“MEDIPLATION” – Being in our Personal Space (Meditation and contemplation) – 18 min – video

Meditation on the 3 major centers of the body – 30 min – video

Heart meditation –  “What do I truly, deep in my heart, desire?” (15 min)

Mind meditation – “What value does this want have for me? How/who would I be if I fulfill it?” (15 min)

Body meditation– “What am I ready to do about it?” (15 min)

Guided contemplation – Harvesting

Meditation on Space

Meditation on the Central Axis in the body

Short meditation in English

Audios in Danish

Meditation i naturen (på dansk)

Gående meditation (på dansk)

De 5 sanser (på dansk)

Kort meditation (på dansk)

Thank you for your practice! Namaste

Cedric Gorinas