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Why Yoga @ work?

Research shows the positive benefits of yoga and mindfulness on mental and physical health, creativity, stress, and overall long-lasting life satisfaction.

Yoga has now become a mainstream term. Yet most of us do not exactly know that what we call “yoga” includes way more that stretches and group movement classes in studios and fitness centers.

Yoga literally means “bringing together”. It is an ancient practice designed to reconnect us to our body, our mind, and bring us into the moment. The present moment is where we find mental balance and a sense of connection and fulfilment. That is simple, but not easy. This is why most of us need skillful guidance.

By bringing yoga and mindfulness to the workplace through an event, regular classes or a workshop, you provide your people with tools:

to resource themselves,

to cope with challenging situations,

to increase the collegial cohesion,

and to stay in balance.

Contact Cédric for your next event with “Yoga@work“, and ncrease well-being and emotional intelligence among your team.

How we do it?

According to your needs and framework for the intervention, we will design a special intervention for your company, e.g. for your next seminar, a team building weekend, or a on-site training in mindfulness or emotional intelligence.

HeartWise can partner up with other experienced experts in the field. Previous interventions include:

  • “Conference yoga” (VIVE)
  • “Be Present” – workshop (3M)
  • “Creative Teaching” course (Copenhagen university)
  • “Mindful day” (Coop)
  • “Emotional Intelligence in Practice” (online course)
  • “Nature-based mindfulness training” (Region Hovedstaden)
  • “Yoga@work” intervention (Novo Nordisk)

Our interventions can be held in Danish, English, or French.

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Contact Cédric at and let’s plan for the greater good of your people.