Yoga @ Work

HeartWise Yoga brings yoga and mindfulness at your workplace and offers something valuable to both your people and the organization.



Why Yoga at work?

Research shows the positive benefits of a regular practice of yoga and mindfulness on health, creativity, stress, and overall satisfaction.

By bringing yoga to the workplace, you give your people a convenient way to ressource themselves, balance body and mind, cope with challenging situations, and uplift collegial cohesion.



A regular Yoga class lasts for about 1h and can take place in a meeting room during office hours, at the start or at the end of the day.

Cedric has experience teaching yoga and mindfulness at workplaces and company events. Given his earlier career as a consultant and researcher, he is familiar with the needs and challenges of work at the office.


Contact Cedric  at to discuss possibilities of offering yoga or mindfulness at work in a way that matches your people’s and the organization’s needs.