RISING UP – Arm Balance Workshop

yoga workshop

Because they are challenging and intimidating, arm balances and inversions are a way to grow our practice and take us to new territories we did not know existed. Notwithstanding, they are also a lot of fun! However, the focus on […]


mindful connection

In this workshop you will learn different embodiment tools for being present and centered in yourself when engaging with others. You will get opportunities to practice and refine these tools in real-time interactions with others during the workshop. You will […]

On Your Hands! Arm Balance Workshop

yoga workshop

Arm-balances and inversions… Perhaps two of the scariest and funniest categories of poses in yoga! These poses are not about how “strong” we are, but rather how “connected” we are at a physical level – from our fingertips to our […]

Back in Shape(s)

yoga workshop

Yoga Technique and Posture Precision workshop (dansk version længere ned) This popular workshop is back!  Get clear and safe in your basics yoga moves and postures, for a more balanced, stronger and funnier practice! This workshop is for you who […]

Yoga Foundations – Yoga Beginners series

Yoga for beginners Learn basic yoga techniques for a solid and safe start with yoga It can be hard to know where and how to start yoga. In these two classes you will be introduced to some of the most […]

“Awakened Heart” – safe backbends and heart-openings

yoga workshop

Yoga Workshop   Explore how yoga connects you to your heart with asanas, alignment techniques for safe backbends, as well as ancient heart-opening mantras and meditation.   Yoga is about connecting to and revealing the Heart, ”Hridaya”; our deeper self. […]

Deepen your practice – Level 2 yoga workshop

DEEPEN YOUR PRACTICE level-2 yoga workshop Sat 5. Oct 2019 Pakhus Yoga 13-16 (1-4 pm) Ancient yogic texts depict yoga practice as a tool to experience our deeper self, cut through mental limitations (e.g. malas) and eventually experience a state […]

Back to Basics 2.0

“Back to Basics 2.0: Refine your Alignment & Deepen Your Practice“ Til dig, der gerne vil mere ud af din yogapraksis. **FOR ENGLISH, PLEASE SCROLL FURTHER DOWN***   Ofte går en almindelig drop-in klasse for hurtigt til at få styr […]