Faith Takes Faith

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“Friend, tell me:

How do I stay open to what is to come? How can I receive what is yet to be?”


Is the only thing you need.

“Where is faith? How do I find it?”

Do not look for it, for it is not to be found.

It is to be let in.

It is already here,

Waiting for you to open the door to then

Cross the threshold

Into your side of the frontier.

Faith can run through your veins.

It can fill up your lungs,

Just as the air you breathe.

The only condition,

The sole price for you to pay

Is to have faith.

Have faith in faith.

For it takes faith to have faith.

Faith wants your heart wild open.

No in-between steps;



Your belly needs to be soft and remain so.

Your eyes, to release their grasping

Of what they think they saw.   

Your mind, my friend, ought to lean

Back into what it will never be big enough

To comprehend.

There is no end.

When faith has you, only then,

Do you truly have faith.

“How do I recognize faith?”

Trust becomes what you eat for breakfast,

Surrender, the water that fulfills your thirst.

Hope disappears forever,

Greed and fear leave you, it’s over.

Emptiness fills up the space in and around you,

A deep peace settles in besides you.

You realize at a cellular level,

one that is so subtle

that not even your brother can understand:

God is infused in the ground on which I stand

The only truth I can live along with

Is what this very moment presents me with.

Faith is, in a way, your direct line

To what your mind likes to call the divine.

It is available right here and now for you –

Only if you, beloved, are to say to it:

“I do.”

Cédric Gorinas (C) All rights reserved

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