Transitioning into Fall

A few weekends ago, I took a small group of yogis North of Copenhagen for a mini retreat with 4 yoga sessions, guided contemplations, a mindful walk, and a cleansing sauna session on the beach. In one afternoon, we had all types of weather: sunshine (warm enough to sip tea outside in T-shirts), rain, strong winds, hail (!), and a magnificent double rainbow! This was a great image of how all elements and all types of emotional and mind states are simply a natural part of what happens when we consciously decide to transition into something new.

At the retreat, we stepped into the fall season by reflecting onto what is now ready to be “harvested;” a metaphor for what the past months have brought to maturation and is to be owned by ourselves and shared with others. In my experience, in order to move forward and open to something new, we need to let go of what is no longer useful or appropriate. Often this is where the hard work is.


When I decided to follow my heart and became a self-employed coach and yoga teacher, I had to let go of the security of a fixed income and a traceable career path in research. I also had to let go of an identity of Cédric, the highly educated researcher who is conveniently applying all his business and economics degrees… to make a living mainly based on a 200-hour teacher training education. Although I have now two 200-h TTs and I am pursuing an additional, in-depth 300-h TT, part of my mind was yet judging it insignificant next to 2 master’s degrees, a PhD, and a postdoc.
But I eventually realized I was mentally stuck in a story revolving around norms and social conventions. It was up to me to let go of them and truly open to my heart’s deeper longing to share my yoga and personal growth competences with others, which had little to do with any curriculum track. What a liberation!


During the retreat, I saw students courageously open to their truth, welcoming their very next step – it being related to career, family, self-care or other things – with an open heart. I also saw them having a hard time letting go of what they had been holding onto for long despite it being no longer useful (like I did with my academic identity). What a blessing to witness those transformations!

In my experience, we cannot grow and move forward without intentionally taking some time off the busy calendar to slow down, re-connect to and care for ourselves, and reflect on our lives. A few days ago, during one of my frequent walks in Amager fælled (wild park south of Copenhagen), I recorded this mindful contemplation exercise where I invite you to set 18 min aside and journal about this particular transition and harvesting time. Get in touch with your deeper longings and desires and get ready to take the next courageous step (access the recording here).



In addition, I recorded two other short practices (both in Danish): Hatha – great for mornings – and meditation on the senses. More audio files available on my blog in English.

What is now matured and ready for you to be “harvested” this year?

When we take time for ourselves and to reflect on our path as human beings, we realize we don’t’ miss anything and that we have the power and choice to live our full potential and in alignment with our heart. And it’s only getting better! This is truly what yoga is about.

I thank you again for letting me be part of your journey. I am honored and delighted!



The coming weeks and months I invite you to prioritize time for yourself and join me for some exciting events in Copenhagen and Italy!

Back to Basics 2.0”: 3-hour workshop with time to “nerd” about good alignment and get even more out of your regular practice. Oct 27, 2-5 pm, at Pakhus Yoga. Spots are limited! Read more and sign up on this link: Back to Basics 2.0.

Morning BEAT! A very fun, freeing, mod-boosting, one-of-a-kind event with energetic music, free movement, breakfast, and yoga taught by your fav’ teacher ? from 6:30 to 10 am, Oct 16 at H15 in Copenhagen V. Kid friendly and – of course – alcohol and drug free! Group discount, read more and sign up via the facebook event.

Weekly Schedule: With 4 classes a week at Pakhus Yoga, 1 at UpDogYoga, 1 at Tinkuy, 1 at Charlottehaven, and often subbing at Hamsa Yoga, I hope I’ll get a chance to see you on the mat in Copenhagen very soon! Check my regular schedule here.

Re-treat with Yoga & Hiking in Tuscany: Re-connect to yourself with daily yoga, walking and sitting meditation, contemplations, rest, community and organic food in the springy Tuscany hills. March 17-23, 2019. Special Early Bird ends on Oct 31! Yoga & Hiking: 6-day retreat in Tuscany, Italy.


You matter

My students’ well-being and care is a very high priority for me. Should you have any burning question, sharing, feedback or thought to share with me, please contact me!

Private classes, Heart- and body-centered Coaching, and Healing BodyTalk sessions available in Copenhagen. Contact me for more details or visit HeartWiseYoga.


Many blessings



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