Set your intention for the new year!

Happy new year! I wish you and your close ones the very best for 2019!

I hope you have had a smooth transition in the new year. This time of the year is traditionally a good opportunity to start new projects and set the course towards our desires: making our RESOLUTIONS for the year. You most likely also know how we can get excited about all our new goals during the first few weeks and then become disappointed and feel bad the rest of the year about not meeting all of them… and either feeling overwhelmed by our new TO-DOs or frantic about making ambitious plans, which never turn into concrete actions.

In a recent podcast from the publisher Soundstrue, I heard “Dr Samantha” suggest setting an “intention” for the new year, instead of making resolutions. One advantage is that we actually cannot fail at our intentions (contrary to our goals) ?, while an intention also invites us to contemplate what we truly value and want to cultivate in the next months.


Some philosophical inspiration: Iccha

The ancient texts (e.g. in the Non Dual Siva Tantra) that there is a natural “drive,” or creative urge, in our heart (Iccha), which together with our inner wisdom (Jñana) guide us towards appropriate and empowering action (Kriya). When we take time to feel into our intention first, then the appropriate actions unfold. On the contrary, if we only think about the actions, the results or goals and drop the creative urge and heart-felt desires behind it, we miss an important step! Although we are always supported by something bigger, (call it Grace, the universe, God or what you prefer), we also are responsible to take appropriate action; to act/live/speak from our deep values, priorities, desires, creativity, and inherent goodness. Otherwise, we are stuck in the victim consciousness that “life is happening to me” and not for me, which lays behind the concept of ignorance (Avidya) at the origin of suffering.


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Set your Intention for 2019

Are you ready to feel into your intention for 2019?

I invite you to take a couple of minutes, settle in. Just keep it simple. Take a paper or your notebook and a pen, close your eyes, and ask yourself:

WHAT DO I WANT TO OPEN MYSELF TO IN 2019?”, or “WHAT DO I DEEPLY WISH TO CULTIVATE THIS YEAR?” and drop a few lines about what comes up.

From that intention, let the right action unfold itself on its own rhythm and own time. Stay alert about your gut feeling, intuition and what feels right for you over the next few days.


My intention for 2019

Doing this exercise, I found out that my intention for this year is STRENGTH & COURAGE. Not (only ?) muscular strength, but also the strength and courage to be honest, follow my heart, listen to my desires and inner truth, and be the best, most fulfilling and authentic version of myself as a teacher, facilitator, guide of all sorts, partner, friend, man, family member, community member, entrepreneur, fellow yogi, and generally as a person. I have visions, but I am intentionally not setting particular goals. In that way, I can always go back and be reminded of this intention should I lose motivation, courage or get confused.



Time for yourself and accountability

I find it quite powerful to share my intention with others. It makes it clearer to me each time, and in a way more accountable.

At the same time, we crucially need space in our otherwise busy lives in order to be able to clarify our intentions. If you think about starting a yoga practice or class, when we take a few minutes to center and identify our intention for this practice, the sequence unfolds and we magically open to something bigger that guides us towards the fulfillment of this intention.

So my invitation is for you to prioritize your yoga practice, solo time, a nice walk outside, a coffee treat or any other ritual that helps you connect to yourself.

Feel free to share your intention or thoughts here on the page!


Upcoming events

Udover klasserne overvej gerne følgende events:

I can’t wait to see you on the mat to a class or another event sooner or later this year!

Here are some occasions:


This Saturday, Pakhus Yoga, Back to Basics 2.0.: Workshop on Alignment in Hips, Shoulders and Neck


March 17-23: Yoga & Nature – 6 day retreat with daily yoga, meditation and gentle hiking in Tuscany! 3 spots left!


Yoga Beginner’s series: 3-class introduction to yoga at Pakhus Yoga, (Feb 2, 9, and 16)


Festivals! Tisvilde Yoga Festival, North of Copenhagen, 2 days filled with great yoga, great atmosphere, cool people, sustainability, and STUNNING surroundings – between forest and sea! Can’t wait to teach a hear-opening class there… (July 6-7)



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I can’t wait to see you!





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