Commitment helps you stay on track

Happy summer! And solstice greetings!

I hope your summer has started well. This time of the year is the one where I literally feel re-born, filled up by the peak of sunlight we are getting, and the possibility to sit, walk, swim, eat, work, socialize, and much more… OUTSIDE!

This summer, though, is not like any one we’ve known before. I don’t know about you, but I already had to change and/or review my summer plans a few times… and might have to do it again! Traveling and event planning are still a little tricky.

Compared to last summer where many of us were ready to let the pandemic behind us as history, my sense is that we now are more aware and careful. Indeed, although we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel, went through a couple of unexpected lockdowns already, and all the frustration and unsettling those brought up… As a result, we wisely learned to hold the possibility for, well… the unknown! 

Being in the unknown is a necessary part of being human. Practices such as yoga, meditation, or any types of rituals or routines (walk, write, water the plants…) you do each day are very helpful tools to become prepared for and at ease with the unknown. 

Yet, in the long run, having to revise our way to deal with most common things in life – how we work, socialize, plan, travel, etc. – is of course tiring and potentially quite taxing for our nervous system. Being with the unknown is certainly unsettling too.

Talking about this topic with a dear friend of mine lately, we both discuss how ONE thing that can help us stay sane and balanced through such times is COMMITMENT

Commitment carries a strength and a stability that build both safety and power. Holding onto an outdated way to live our lives, such as “going back to normal”, will inevitably create suffering; simply because it keeps us stuck in and clinging onto the past, aka (by definition) something outdated. 

In contrast, commitment requires of us to clarify what is truly important now; what is worth our time, focus and energy at this time, and use it as a new motto, a driving force.
Commitment helps us stay on track with what fuels us and fills us up, and sets us free from expectations about others, the future or ourselves.

Naturally, it is easy to “slap and slip” and loose sight of our commitment but, just like a practice, we can get back to it if we have made it clear

What are you committed to? 

As I understand it, commitment is not another new goal-setting. Rather, it is a precision and refinement of what deeply matters and the use of it as a container or a frame, which sets the tone for our life. 

How does it look like? 
To my experience, commitment can take many different forms.

On a daily basis, I am committed to some kind of practice each day – physical yoga, meditation, journaling, silence, or a combination of those.
I am also committed to listen to my body, learn from it and respond to it. 

To respond to my beloved and others around me, rather than react. To be accountable for myself and others. 
To maintain high standards of professional integrity with the people I see in class or as clients.

I am committed to see the bigger picture in each situation, also when I don’ t like it. I am also committed to stay open to what I cannot control and keep an open mind when things do not turn out the way I had planned. To be open to question what I thought was true and change my views, when necessary. 

So, I am asking you, what are you committed to?

What are a couple of values that are truly meaningful to you? 

What is realistic for you to commit to each day
, e.g. a short walk, 5-min breathing or meditation or asana, a daily or weekly talk with a friend or accountability partner to support each other and follow through about your commitment? 

Who/what parts of you are you willing to commit to?  

What commitments are outdated now, and timely to be let go of?

I invite you to take 1 or 2 min to write down what comes to your mind now, and keep it in a safe place. Go back to it, look at it, share it with your friend, post it on your wall or lock-screen… whatever can help you to stay committed and on track.   

Commitment brings strength, but it also requires strength. Having another person to support you to keep up your commitment can bring you the necessary strength to stay on track. 

I hope this summer will inspire you to find what is worth your commitment and live in alignment with it!

YOGA RETREAT – Sept in Slovenia

From July 1st, within-EU travel will be easier. As borders are slowly reopening, I am inviting to a special time in Slovenia in September, 20-25th this year, for a “REal-TREAT” 😉. More info on the retreat’s homepage or below. Several accommodation budgets and types available! (Registration and accommodation are to be booked separately)

Mini, “à la carte” retreat in Denmark this summer – Fyrregården

This summer from July 6th to July 11th, I will reside and teach a daily morning class at the local and family-owned retreat spot, Fyrregården, Oddsherred. The cool thing is that you can just book yourself a night or two, solo or with a friend, and enjoy the surroundings for a little escape or suck in the hot tub – just 1h15 away from Copenhagen.
You can also just drop in for the class. Check Fyrregården out on Facebook

Committed to practice or 1-on-1 work?  

Public classes are open again, so come and practice with me at Pakhus Yoga (new lovely room!) and Yoga Flat!

As always, I am here to support you with one-on-one sessions (virtual or in-person), yoga or body-mind integrated therapy

Take good care, and I hope to see you very soon!

Summer warmth, 


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