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Like other ancient, eastern traditions, yoga, mindfulness, and meditation were designed to help humans realize and live according to the natural order of things: impermanence.

Like those early spring days in Copenhagen are reminding us, the nature of life is made of cycles. This is the way it is supposed to be, and where happiness is to be found.

We are already perfect as we are

Purnatva or Purna, in Sanskrit, means “perfection.” What I love about this concept – like many sanskrit concepts – is that it goes way beyond what our modern, western minds understand by the immediate meaning of the term.

Here, perfection is not about “ticking all the boxes” or getting reassurance for our limited ego or self, but rather it describes the fullness that is inherent in life and the universe.

Fullness, then, entails not only the greatness and boundless joy that we can experience, but also the limitations, challenges and other “imperfections” that we know of and go through at times. 

In such perspective, all of life is part of the whole, including what and those we dislike and our own perceived limitations, beliefs of unworthiness, and regrets. What we see as problematic is a “mis-alignment” with the best potential possible (in ourselves or in the world), and re-aligning with such potential is what the practice helps us do. 

Realizing how Purna applied to my perception of the world and myself has transformed my life – and still continue to do so. Realization is not always equal to transformation but it definitely contributes to it, clearing up stories and beliefs of self-limitations, layers after layers, one day at a time. The journey is far from being over, and maybe this also is “perfectly imperfect,” as my former teacher Todd would say. 

Personally, yoga and meditation, along with the regular study of ancient wisdom and philosophy, have been my “way into” such realization, and this is then what I intend to share with you and all those who might find inspiration and support in it. 

Et billede, der indeholder udendørs, himmel, vand, solnedgang

Automatisk genereret beskrivelse

How realization works

As I understand it, the way it works is that meditation and yoga, because of their focus on being present and tending to the moment, create the space that we need in order to find the experience of Purna within us. With practice, we increase our general awareness – physical, mental, subtle and emotional – each time, and with such awareness the practice starts to do its magic and change deeply engrained patterns of un-happiness, to put it simply. 

In other words, mental understanding is helpful but not enough. The deeper, multi-layered understanding and experience of Purna that a regular practice gives is what is transformative. Because a practice clears each of the different layers of the body (physical, mental, emotional, subtle, energetic, etc.) and grows our awareness of them, they can then interconnect and influence each other.

As a consequence, we feel calmer, see life from a more open perspective, and the courage to love and be kind to ourselves grows. As we become more gentle towards ourselves, self-acceptance increases, and so does our authenticity.

The change inside of us has a ripple effect onto the people around us. We can soften our judgements and feelings of separation (i.e. an illusion according to nondual yoga philosophy). Furthermore, our capacity to accept others and what we cannot change amplifies.

This is where and how transformation happens and liberation begins to take place. What follows is not only a more permanent feeling of calmness and happiness, but also the igniting of the empowered actions we can take to change what we can change. This is basically the philosophy behind how yoga and meditation practices (as I humbly understand it) can change the world for the better: It always starts right here and inside of us. 

Thank you for the work and intention you are putting out there, through what you share with the world, how you take care of yourself, and practice whatever supports you best (being yoga, meditation, or something else).

Many sunny blessings and I hope to see you soon! 


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4 Sundays in March, Copenhagen


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