An Honor to Women

yoga women

My mother, my nanny, my sister.

My childhood friends, my grandmothers.

My beloved many years’ partner,

Clients, students or a pure stranger.

Skakti-filled yoginis,

Old and current chiefs.

My dear friends close to my heart,

The teachers that keep musing my art.

Little girls, wise elders,

Healing therapists or life-changing writers.

Our Earth, the majestic creator.

I want to write a love letter,

Just a simple note to honor

The numerous women who touched me,

Taught me something extraordinary,

And yet so simple it is humbling:


The power to create and to listen.

The wisdom to witness and stay hidden.

A natural talent to nurture and dare.

The courage to be oneself and care.

Thank you, women, no-men and the Great Shakti

Without you my life would simply not be.

Cédric Gorinas (C) All rights reserved

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