200-H Yoga Teacher Training 2023

yoga teacher training copenhagen




at the Yoga Flat, central Copenhagen

w. Nicolai Boas & Cédric Gorinas

Ready to take your practice to the next level, deepen your yoga studies, and perhaps become a yoga teacher?

So look closer here…

We are super excited to offer a new comprehensive yoga teacher training in Copenhagen, starting in August 2023.

This time, you are invited to an in-depth journey into the science of yoga offered as a thorough, well-structured 200-hour yoga teacher training taught in-person.

The training will consist of 10 Wednesday evenings and 6 long weekends, all taught in our studios.

The training follows the international Yoga Alliance standards and covers the four pillars essential to learn how to teach yoga:

  1. techniques, training and own practices (including Asana, Pranayama and meditation),
  2. anatomy and physiology,
  3. yoga humanities (including philosophy, history and ethics), and
  4. professional essentials (including teaching methodology and professional development.

In addition to these four pillars, we will study electives such as theming, complementing teaching techniques and include personal development work.

yoga teacher training Copenhagen

The main physical practice will be a mix between vinyasa and what is commonly called hatha yoga, almost always with an alignment-based approach. However, the training will also draw from gentler practices as well as other traditional and less traditional approaches to provide you with the best possible all-round picture of the art of teaching yoga.

In addition, our training will support you in establishing a meditation and pranayama sadhana (regular practice) to guide you into the depths of the ancient practices of yoga beyond the physical level too.

Our daily schedule will be divided into practice hours and workshops focusing on, for example, “Anatomy, Physiology and Kinesiology”, “Asana Dissection”, ”Basic Philosophy and psychology of Yoga (Classical and nondual Tantric perspectives)”, “Sequencing and Theming”, “The Subtle Body”, “Functional Pranayama” and much more.

In addition to learn how to teach a good, accessible yoga class, you will have the opportunity to take your practice to a whole new stage, develop yourself on a personal level, and establish a regular meditation and spiritual practice that will support you in your daily life moving forward.

Modules and Logistics


We will meet on 10 Wednesdays throughout the autumn and winter. These afternoons/evenings will consist of both a practice, followed by either a direction of the class and how specific techniques etc are used or a workshop.


The Wednesdays start at 16.00 and end at 21.00

Dates for Wednesdays: 23.8, 6.9, 20.9, 4.10, 1.11, 15.11, 29.11, 13.12 & 9.1

On top of the Wednesdays we will have 6 full weekends together and these weekends consist of 3 full days


All three days start at 7.30, and both Friday and Saturday we are together until around 18.00. Sundays will round up at 16.00.

Weekend 1: 11.8 – 13.8 (2023)

Weekend 2: 8.9 – 10.9

Weekend 3: 6.10 – 8.10

Weekend 4: 3.11-5.11

Weekend 5: 1.12-3.12

Weekend 6: 12.1 – 14.1 (2024)

Beyond the weekends you are expected to set aside time for homework (around 5 – 10 hours between each weekend). This includes preparing sequences, practicing techniques and observing classes at the studio.

yoga teacher training Copenhagen

Overview over training dates

What is required to attend this training:

  • to have had a steady practice for at least a year
  • to have a hunger for deepening your understanding of yoga
  • to be willing to participate in the teaching, this includes teaching exercises where you will be asked to teach your fellow trainees
  • to be dedicated to learn, study and willing to grow as an individual.

We believe your vulnerability and willingness to share are keys to becoming a great teacher. Therefore, we will create a room that encourages sharing of our experiences of teaching, learning, and beyond.

At the same time, as the training can become intense at times, you are also asked to listen to your own needs and take care of yourself alongside this journey, plus respect others’ need for the same. We are only stronger together, yet it implies we can honor our own needs first.

To complete the training all hours are mandatory, and we advise you to keep the training weekends sacred and free from other evening plans etc. as your full attention and energy will be needed in class.

Upon graduation, successful students will have the opportunity to register with Yoga Alliance as 200-hour teachers.

This training will cover the following:

  • Deepening of your asana practice to a whole new level
  • How to establish a daily, personal meditation and asana practice
  • Techniques and guidance helping you to find your voice for teaching yoga
  • The basics of alignment-based yoga for your own practice as well as teaching
  • Asana Dissection – understanding common misalignments to offer helpful adjustments and modifications
  • The essentials of yoga anatomy, biomechanics and kinesiology
  • More subtle anatomy including chakras, nadis etc.
  • Different meditation styles and breathing techniques
  • The foundational yogic history and philosophy, with an introduction to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, and nondual tantra yoga
  • How to teach in a personal way, yet based in a thorough understanding of safe, effective teaching techniques
  • How to apply the ancient wisdom of yoga to your modern life
  • Practices to support your growth and expand your mental and emotional horizons
  • The art of sequencing a coherent, flowing, and fun yoga class
  • How to make poses accessible to different levels of students
  • Personal feedback and mentoring in small groups throughout the training
  • Ways to increase your employability with professional practices and good business ethics
  • An opportunity to become a part of a supportive community of like-minded beings that share a common passion and can become life-long friends
  • Discover and immerse yourself into the unique gifts of a retreat in nature, fully dedicated to your yoga studies.

Price, Deadline & Sign up

To sign up for the training, you’ll be asked to pay a nonrefundable deposit that ensures your spot in the training.

Note that if we for some unforeseen reason will have to cancel the training (national lockdown etc.) you are of course ensured to get all your money back. The deposit will then be deducted from the full payment, which will be asked to be paid 30 days prior to the beginning of the training. (It is also possible to pay in several instalments on request)



All teaching materials will be included in the price of the training, and you will furthermore get suggestions for readings if you wish to dive deeper into the science of yoga and its teaching.

About the Teachers

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Cédric Gorinas

Cédric is a full-time, Copenhagen-based yoga teacher. He has taught alignment-based yoga classes, retreats and trainings over the last ten years and has studied with internationally recognized teachers in yoga techniques, alignment, anatomy, eastern philosophy, meditation, and body-based psychotherapy. 

His teaching is informed by his passion for the interconnectedness of body, mind and heart. In Cédric’s classes, you can expect to find (or find again) a good and healthy posture, build strength and flexibility in your body as well as increase your body awareness and a sense of empowerment. He strongly believes in the wisdom of the body which knows the path to healing, personal and spiritual growth. Our work is then to align ourselves to this path and reconnect our body, mind and heart together. 

 (Read more about Cédric on www.heartwiseyoga.com/about.)

Nicolai Boas

Nicolai is a technique junkie whose classes centre around body awareness, anatomy and mindful movement. His classes are build up around the wish for his student to empower themselves in their practice and in their life by employing concepts that highlight the power of an explorative practice and way of living.
His classes will often be relatively physically demanding, weather its advanced or gentle practice, yet his lyrical teaching style makes tough active body work accessible for most.

For Nicolai, through physical practice, we can get better and understanding ourselves as it becomes a tangible tool to better access our reaction patterns and our sense of self. We are able to make our complex experiences and problem areas more accessible simply by looking at the way we approach our physical practice, how we meet ourselves and how we respond to the nerve impulses.

more info and registration at THE YOGA FLAT’S PAGE