Yoga Teacher Training – Mexico

This year we have chosen to change the format for our next training and is going abroad doing all 200 hours in one go. We are going with this idea as we believe there is so much to be experienced, when truly setting aside the time to be in a yoga bubble with likeminded people wanting to take their practice to the next level, and become yoga teacher.

The training will give you the credentials to be able to apply to become certified with Yoga Alliance once you have completed it.

Nicolai and Cédric are joining their know-how, experience and passion for teaching yoga to offer you a pretty awesome on-site training…

More info on what you can expect to learn, price and location will be announced soon so stay tuned…

Cédric & Nicolai, your teachers

Who can join?

To take part in this training you are expected:

  1. to have been practicing yoga for a least one year on a regular basis
  2. to have a hunger for deepening your understanding of yoga
  3. to be willing to participate in the teaching, including teaching exercises where you will be asked to teach your fellow teacher trainees.

We believe vulnerability and wanting to share is key to becoming a great teacher, we encourage all to share their experiences in the training so we can all learn more and learn to hold space for each other. But you are of course always the one who decides what you wish to share and what you don’t.

Training Schedule

The training will be consistant of different topics we are gonna work with and most of the days will be quite long. So be prepared to not have much time to do anything els while you are there.

Each week will more or less have the same basic structure.

Monday to Friday will be full days, where Saturdays will be half days where you will be off from lunch and the rest of the day and Sunday will be a full day off.

Your time off is for you to prepare potential homework as well as recover from the intense week as well as go on short excursion and adventures.

Example of full day at the training

Tea and fruit

Morning Practice


Teaching Technique

Yoga Philosophy




Afternoon Practice



Evening gathering

The Location and Precise Dates

To be announced… (plans are End Feb-End March 2023)


To be announced…I

About the Teachers

Nicolai Boas

Nicolai is a technique junkie whose classes centre around body awareness, anatomy and mindful movement. His classes are build up around the wish for his student to empower themselves in their practice and in their life by employing concepts that highlight the power of an explorative practice and way of living.
His classes will often be relatively physically demanding, weather its advanced or gentle practice, yet his lyrical teaching style makes tough active body work accessible for most.

For Nicolai, through physical practice, we can get better and understanding ourselves as it becomes a tangible tool to better access our reaction patterns and our sense of self. We are able to make our complex experiences and problem areas more accessable simply by looking at the way we approach our physical practice, how we meet ourselves and how we respond to the nerve impulses.

Cédric Gorinas

Cédric is a full-time, Copenhagen-based yoga teacher. He has taught alignment-based yoga classes, retreats and trainings over the last ten years and has studied with internationally recognized teachers in yoga techniques, alignment, anatomy, eastern philosophy, meditation, and body-based psychotherapy. 

His teaching is informed by his passion for the interconnectedness of body, mind and heart. In Cédric’s classes, you can expect to find (or find again) a good and healthy posture, build strength and flexibility in your body as well as increase your body awareness and a sense of empowerment. He strongly believes in the wisdom of the body which knows the path to healing, personal and spiritual growth. Our work is then to align ourselves to this path and reconnect our body, mind and heart together. 

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