Calming the (monkey) mind


4-week online course on mindfulness meditation

Our mind is what causes us both wonder and suffering. They get happy, relieved, worried, hopeless, or jealous. Minds can plan, learn, speak, create as well as they can forget and drift off. Today, our minds are exposed to an unprecedented amount of stimulation and many tasks to juggle with on a daily basis. Many of us experience their mind as a “monkey”, uncontrollably throwing itself from one branch to the next, and thus struggle to find a sense of peace and calmness within.

For thousands of years, mindfulness practices such as meditation have sought to, on the one hand, understand the complexity of how minds work and, on the other hand, calm the mind and return to where we always have been; the present moment.

This four-week online series is an invitation to dive into the power of the mind, drawing from diverse ancient and more modern meditation practices and framework used in mindfulness and yoga.

Each week, we will briefly discuss relevant topics and put into practice techniques helpful to calm the mind. We will meet on Zoom each Sunday for four weeks at 7pm (CET, Copenhagen time)/1pm (EDT, New York time) for 1h15m.

Each Monday after the call, you will receive a short handout/summary to help you integrate the session and practice during the week, if you wish to.

Mid-week on Wednesday, I will offer a short live video call (20-30 min) for those of you able to join as a possibility to practice together.

All sessions will be audio or video recorded and available to you for review or if you miss the live session.

Here is an overview of the course, with the weekly focus and mindfulness work we will do together:

Week 1: Understanding the mind – setting up the practice

Week 2: Focusing the mind – concentrating capacities

Week 3: Clarifying the mind – sensory precision

Week 4: Calming the mind – developing equanimity

Times and Dates

Weekly sessions on Sundays Nov 13th, Nov 20th, Nov 27th, Dec 4th on Zoom at 7-8.15pm (ECT) or 1-2.15pm (EDT).

Mid-week sessions Wednesdays Nov 16th, Nov 23rd, Nov 30th, Dec 7th on Zoom at 1-1.20/30pm (ECT) or 7-7.20/30am (EDT)

Registration and price

I invite you to sign up to this course via donation.

In the Buddhist and Hinduist traditions, donation or “Dana” is a practice of generosity and an important part of the mindfulness experience. Dana is about experiencing the freedom to let go along with gratitude, caring, giving, and receiving.

The invitation is to consciously choose an amount that feels right; not only for your economy, but also as a reflection of the value you give to what you are about to receive and of the joy of giving. You can read more about dana practice on various retreat centers sites, for example here or in this video.

If you need an indication, I would recommend a donation varying from 375 DKK (50 EUR) to 750 DKK (100 EUR).

(2% of HeartWise benefits always go to charity.)

To sign up, register on the link below (payment platform) and select the payment you choose to make.

You will receive an email with the zoom link just a few days before the first class.


What a deeply powerful meditation <3. I was speechless after. I had absolutely no words in me. Though after I journaled a bit, I realize I would have loved to do so. ‘Floating light’, as someone said, probably comes quite close.. that, and so much love! Namaste 🙏🏻

Support for home practice

Each class will present you with different techniques and sources of inspiration for meditation, so you can find what speaks to you most. We will gradually build up from one class to the next, progressively posing the foundations for a solid practice. Establishing a daily practice is not mandatory for this class, but strongly encouraged. While I will offer you my humble suggestions for a successful practice during class, in the end it is obviously up to you only.

Your teacher

My name is Cédric, 12-year meditator, E-RYT yoga and meditation teacher and trainer, and owner of I am passionate about sharing ancient yogic wisdom with others in an easily relatable and always experiential way. I believe that presence is not to be cognitively learned or mentally understood only, but rather felt from a direct, body-based experienced. I am excited to share with you the ways in which yoga and meditation have helped me – and continues to – awaken to a sense of inner-balance, empowerment, and a connection to a greater perspective.

My meditation practice draws from the wisdom of ancient yoga, nondual tantra, Buddhism and includes mindfulness and Vipassana techniques. In my practice and teaching, I love to exploring the realms of the body, breath, mind, and emotions, as well as subtler experiences and I am passionate by helping you integrate those together and into your daily lives.

Any questions, please do not hesitate:

Thank you, and I look forward to practicing together!

Warm regards,



I love your peacefulness you bring to the meditation classes.  It’s very unique Zooming meditation.  I think every little bit helps students find their own way.