A certifed yoga teacher since 2013 with international education and teaching experience, I teach regularly at studios, workplaces, retreats, events, and privately.

My approach builds up from more than 10 years of practice, teaching, and training with international teachers in alignment-based and heart-centered Hatha Yoga (more specifically, Anusara and Ashaya Yoga®). Today I am the only teacher in Europe licensed in the Ashaya Yoga ® method.

Body alignment and heart centering are two central aspects of my teaching:

Clear body-alignment

Ensuring that we all go through a slow but strong sequence of poses safely, and helping the body to come back to a more optimal posture. A good and safe body alignment is also therapeutic as it helps heal previous injuries and common misalignments.

Heart-centered space

Creating a room where each person feels welcome and seen, and in which it becomes fun and safe to explore ourselves, share from our heart, and extend our own edges. Heart-centered yoga, or when we let our practice reflect onto our life off the mat, is a powerful tool for personal transformation.


Coaching and Consulting

When not teaching yoga, I offer 1:1 and group coaching and business workshops to help individuals and teams share their full potential with the world, while thriving fully in what they do. My coaching work is informed by my training in body-oriented, mindfulness-based psychotherapy (Hakomi method) from the California Hakomi Institute.

To read more visit: heartwiseconsulting.com