A certified instructor (700 hours of training) and PhD, I teach with strong focus on alignment and always with a larger perspective on how yoga can apply “off the mat”. A priority for me is to create a safe space which provides you with clear alignment cues and an invitation to explore both body and heart.

I am fascinated by the interconnectedness between body, mind and heart. Besides yoga, I offer life coaching and holistic healing, informed by different modalities including mindfulness, ancient wisdom and body-centered psychotherapy.

I have more than 700 hours of training and earlier certifications in alignment-based and heart-centered methods (Anusara and Ashaya), combining state-of-the-art anatomy and therapeutics with ancient, empowering ancient philosophy.

The practice was lead by a purpose, and that part I enjoyed the most. A little bit of life reflection in the beginning of the class and guidance on how we can be better by small steps, even by practicing yoga, while paying attention to kind values in us. Thank you, I will most likely come back!

Clear body-alignment

Ensuring that we all go through a slow but strong sequence of poses safely, and helping the body to come back to a more optimal posture. A good and safe body alignment is also therapeutic as it helps heal previous injuries and common misalignments.

Heart-centered space

Creating a room where each person feels welcome and seen, and in which it becomes fun and safe to explore ourselves, share from our heart, and extend our own edges. Heart-centered yoga, or when we let our practice reflect onto our life off the mat, is a powerful tool for personal transformation.

Cedric has the right combination of knowledge, presence and humor to make his classes and retreats a pleasure to partake in.