you rock big time!

THANK YOU for all you are, and for all the wisdom you share along. You are such a talented writer! Balancing words of precision and poetry is a gift of yours that I had noticed before, but I’ve never got the […]

First time

I’ve never been to a one-off yoga class that lasts in my body that long. Feeling it still, in my posture, my mindset and my heart. I’m impressed. Both the theme of gratitude and the (new for me) positions so […]

Lead by a purpose

The practice was lead by a purpose, and that part I enjoyed the most. A little bit of life reflection in the beginning of the class and guidance on how we can be better by small steps, even by practicing […]

consummate professional

Everything about your delivery is just wonderful. I would say that you have a rare combination of being a consummate professional who is at the same time very open and approachable. Thank you! K.N.

I just love his classes!

I just love his classes! Such a nice voice to follow, love to detail and nice themes. I always feel amazing afterwards. Lovely! J.G.