Spiritual counselling and mentoring

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Individual sessions to help you move through changes with ease and poise – and be OK with not knowing

“Not knowing” is one of the scariest and yet one of the most natural aspects of a human’s journey. Going though changes, whether inner or outer turbulences, losses, endings, and new beginnings is just a part of life you and I cannot avoid. Whether personal or collective, such as the global virus we are dealing with these weeks, an unexpected situation or sudden turning point in life is an opportunity to learn and expand our capacity to embrace life to its fullest. However, at first, we rarely see it that way.

It is natural for unexpected changes to bring a sense of panic, fear, anxiety, franticness, despair or hopelessness. The mind wants to know but, in reality, it cannot know what it does not know. Like “not knowing,” intense feelings are also part of life and aim at helping us regulating what is going on internally. According to my experience, if we tend to them in a more conscious and body-centered way, rather than pushing them away, intense feelings can teach us a lot – and eventually bring us to another level on our spiritual and personal journey.

Reconnect to your spiritual self and inner wisdom

I have studied and practiced spiritual teachings for nearly a decade, and I am passionate about bringing them into my daily life and making them down-to-earth. To me, spirituality is a way to reconnect to a deep inner experience of “all is well” by accepting what is. I see spirituality as a very personal and always-evolving way of life – not a dogmatic, one-time-fix or happy-go-lucky kind of thing. It is a “practice”; meaning, it takes commitment and dedication.

In these turbulent times, I am offering one-on-one sessions (mainly online) to help you find inner resources and a sense of stable ground, so you can navigate your life with poise, presence, and enthusiasm. In a non-dogmatic and holistic way, we will explore your relationship to a bigger perspective based on different modalities and traditions I dived into during the last ten years, including – but not limited to – spiritual practices from yoga and ancient eastern techniques, mindfulness, somatic psychotherapy (Hakomi method), intuitive healing, energy work, conscious (self) touch, mindful movement practices, poetry, nature, food-based and other non-traditional forms of medicine. My hope is that you will grow a sense of sovereignty and empowerment as well as open to all the teachings and blessings life has in store for you.

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My approach is simple: help you reconnect to what I call the Body-Mind-Heart, i.e., aspects of our system that relate to our physical self, our capacity for self-awareness and inner wisdom, and our ability to connect to ourselves, others, and the world around us all at once. It is eclectic and not tied to one particular tradition.

Principles of Mindfulness, Non-Violence and Organicity are three pillars central to my work with clients.

My own story – navigating not knowing and spiritual practices

To me, spiritual practice is key to open to the vastness of life’s teachings, also in challenging times. A spiritual connection or practice does not mean a dogmatic veneration of a certain god or goddess. It is about our personal relationship to something bigger than ourselves that transcends time and space, whether we call it nature, life, God, the universe, cosmic energy, light of consciousness or something else.

I remember when I was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2016. I had developed heart-malfunction symptoms, and for weeks I did not want to face the possibility of a serious condition. I was denying the possibility of the disease and just wanted to ignore the symptoms and go on as “normal.” I was caught up in fear, rejection of reality, and disconnected from myself. That was until my body was in a critical state, and I had no other choice than to surrender: I got examined and two hours later sent to the hospital, overwhelmed and not knowing what was in front of me. Me, the “healthy, invincible yogi” had to meet face to face with the vulnerability of life and how my reality, and the idea I made of it, can shift from one moment to the next. One doctor meeting after the next, one hour at a time, things were changing. Fear, frustration, anger, hopelessness… Complete not knowing. Yet, I had the option to shift my perspective. I realized that I could either give into these feelings, or instead see the situation as my first real initiation to life. I opened to being taken care of, trusted my body’s capacity to heal and respond to the medical treatment, and embraced the two weeks I ended spending in the cardiology department as an opportunity to rest and step into a new level of my human journey. What a ride!

On the first day at the hospital on the operation table, I could already see the benefits of my spiritual practices as I did my best to stay grounded and trusting. My spiritual practices were a huge help for me to go through this challenge. Giving in into the situation but not giving up the wisdom and learning available to me formed the paradox that lifted me up throughout the situation, and eventually allowed me to grow from it.

Some background info

Throughout my adult years, I had been lucky to meet and deepen my knowledge about different modalities that helped me get to know and accept the natural “not-knowing” part of life: yoga, ancient spiritual practices, somatic psychotherapy, awareness cultivation, plant and food-based medicine, mindful movement, authentic ways of relating, and more. I believe in the intelligence of the body to heal and process our experiences. Applying mindfulness to bodily experiences combined with access to our higher self and inner wisdom forms the holistic approach I take on personal and spiritual growth.

A non-exhaustive list of the modalities a session together could draw from could be:

  • Yoga teachings and traditions,
  • Mindfulness practices, including mindful movement
  • Ancient, eastern inspired practices, e.g., pranayama, mantra, and more
  • Somatic psychotherapy (Hakomi method)
  • Coaching
  • Intuitive healing practices
  • Other supportive practices, for example: conscious eating, mindful ways of relating, food and other natural remedies, mindful touch, and more.

A general red thread to all sessions is an intention of healing and deeper wisdom, by cultivating awareness in the present moment and respecting your personal rhythm and current process.

Price and logistics

Sessions can be in English, Danish or French (fluency in the 3 languages) and take place online over zoom (or in person after the lock down period) for about 1h15min. Prices will depend on your economic situation and the number of sessions we plan together. For more details, drop me an email cedric@heartwiseyoga.com, a text or an informal phone call (WhatsApp or regular cell) at +45 50 47 75 21.

I look forward to hearing from you and supporting you on your spiritual path.


Light and blessings