Heart-Centered Coaching

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1-on-1 sessions to help you move through life with presence and strength.

Challenges are part of life. Through them, we grow as a person.

Although I believe this statement is true, I also know how hard it is to navigate difficult times, such as the recent pandemic we all have had to go through and its multiple ripples in our life. While we often cannot control the dramatic events that affect us and throw us out balance, we can learn how to turn them into opportunities to grow. Seeing life in this way is a radical shift from victim consciousness to victory consciousness, and we can flow through life from a more joyful and empowered state.

If you are willing to listen, you have the answers and ressources within you.

Let’s explore these together in just a few individual sessions (online or in person, when possible). This is how I approach it:

The Body-Mind-Heart Intelligence

I believe in the intelligence of the body to heal and process our experiences. Each session aims at ressourcing and accessing the inner wisdom within you, using somatic awareness (body-centered) in the moment (mindfulness-based), while attuning to your unique pace and unfolding process (organicity).

Departing from these three principles – body-centering, mindfulness, and organicity my intention is simple: To Help You Reconnect to what I call the Body-Mind-Heart, i.e., the exhaustive wisdom coming from your physical self (body), your capacity for self-awareness (mind), and your ability to connect to yourself and others with kindness (heart). Ultimately, daily access to the Body-Mind-Heart reconnects us to a deep inner knowledge that “all is well.”

My approach is informed by different techniques, healing modalities and traditions. It is holistic in nature and not tied to one particular tradition or system.

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Your practicioner, Cédric

I have studied and practiced spiritual teachings for nearly a decade. I am dedicated to translate these teachings into everyday-life situation, personally and for my students and clients. Daily, I use mindfulness, movement, somatic psychology, wisdom teachings, and inner contemplation to navigate the situation presented in front of me.

Some of the modalities I combine in my work with you:

  • Teachings from Yoga philosophy and other Eastern traditions,
  • Mindfulness,
  • Movement,
  • Energetics,
  • Somatic psychotherapy (Hakomi method),
  • Coaching,
  • Intuitive healing,
  • Other awareness-fostering practives, for example: conscious relationships, food and other natural remedies, and more.


Sessions can be in English, Danish or French (fluency in the 3 languages) and take place online over zoom (or in person after the lock down period) for about 1h15min. Prices will depend on your economic situation and the number of sessions we plan together.

For more info or schedule a session, drop me an email cedric@heartwiseyoga.com, a text or an informal phone call (WhatsApp or regular cell) at +45 50 47 75 21.

I look forward to hearing from you and supporting you on your spiritual path.


Light and blessings