200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training – Ashaya Yoga® Awakening

Are you aspiring to become the next-generation yoga teacher?

200-hour Certification Program

in Central Copenhagen

incl. a Full-Board 5-day Retreat

This 200-hour Teacher Training (certified by Yoga Alliance) is a very structured, thorough immersion into the depths of yoga and it is designed to support you in awakening your heart-mind-body connection.

In 2021, the Ashaya Yoga ® 200-h Teacher Training will take place in Central Copenhagen (Yoga Flat, Nørrebrogade 14B, 2200 CPH N) for four modules and one module will be at a retreat venue in Sweden or Denmark.

The Ashaya Yoga ® 200-h Teacher Training has helped dozens of yogis create a more meaningful and joy-filled life and teach yoga with passion directly to the heart and the body of their students. This is only the second time the Ashaya Yoga ® TT is happening in Europe!

Deepen your practice and embark on a powerful, transformational journey



TO SIGN UP, DROP AN EMAIL TO CEDRIC cedric@heartwiseyoga.com


An Alignment- and Theme-based Yoga Technique:

The Ashaya Yoga ® method

Ashaya Yoga ® is an alignment-based and heart-centered form of Hatha Yoga, founded in the US by Todd Norian. Todd has studied yoga for nearly 40 years and created Ashaya as a method that combines science-based body alignment and therapeutic techniques with profound and life-affirming teachings from ancient eastern philosophy.

In Sanskrit, “Ashaya” means abode of the heart. In the ancient yogic texts, the Heart is the place within to which we can return, free ourselves from self-limitations, and rediscover our true, wise, and joyful self. Ashaya method is designed to help students awaken to their deepest joy through cultivating a vibrant and healthy body and awakening to their own strengths and heart.

Read more at the founder’s website: AshayaYoga.com

Ashaya Yoga Teacher Training Copenhagen (Denmark) 2021

The second Ashaya Yoga 200-h TT in Europe will take place in Central Copenhagen (at Yoga Flat Nørrebro) for 4 modules, and 1 module will be a on-site retreat just for our group in Sweden or Denmark. The training will run from March 2021 to Aug 2021.

Cédric Gorinas (HeartWiseYoga.com), the main trainer, teaches yoga in Copenhagen and has studied with Todd Norian, founder of Ashaya Yoga, for years. He is certified in the Ashaya Yoga method and graduated from the 200- and 300-hour TT. Cédric already led one successful TT in Copenhagen in 2020, and he can’t wait to repeat the success in 2021!

Cédric and the Ashaya Team

This unique Ashaya Yoga 200-H TT is led with a close and an ongoing collaboration with Ashaya founder, Todd Norian.

During most modules, Cédric will be assisted by other dedicated Ashaya Yoga teachers and trainers (either in person or via zoom for some hours, depending on current travel limitations) who all will be dedicated to help you grow and improve as an authentic teacher.

You can expect continuous feedback on your teaching skills, great assistance on your learning and growing process, and to be well cared for!

Read more about Cédric on the profile page, and come meet him online today or in person for a class in Copenhagen!

A 200-hour In-Depth Study

The curriculum of the Ashaya Yoga In-Depth Study and Yoga Teacher Training Program is rooted in the fundamentals of the practices of asana, pranayama, meditation, philosophy, and anatomy, and takes you a little deeper. The content and structure of the training over 6 months will provide you with a deep knowledge about those fundamentals over a period that allows the time necessary to integrate those profound, life-affirming teachings in a deeper and more effective way.

A Deep Dive into the Science of Yoga

This in-depth study gives you the possibility to immerse yourself in the different elements of yoga, which each speaks to a different part of ourselves.

Through asana techniques and extensive practice, you will build a stronger, more flexible and vibrant body.

With a regular meditation and pranayama practice throughout the program, you will cultivate a focused, clear, and calm mind, and re-establish your connection to spirit.

On a more personal and emotional level, you will also have the opportunity to learn about and work on yourself as a person and clarify your life path as an advanced practitioner or a teacher of yoga.

And, naturally, you will have the opportunity to learn how to teach a great, life-affirming theme-based, alignment-focused yoga class that will speak to your students’ body, mind, and heart.  

Note that this TT complies with new Yoga Alliance standards of 200 contact hours (about 25 will be online, live classes), in addition to homework.

Learning to Teach Yoga

Ashaya is about our connection to the heart – our own heart and the heart of the people around us – and therefore Ashaya also creates heart-centered, conscious community. This training won’t be any exception.

Within a supportive community environment, you will be championed to discover your own unique gifts as a yoga teacher and learn how to offer them with confidence and clarity. You will be encouraged and supported to step into your own power and discover your authentic voice as you share the essence of yoga, which is love.

The journey of becoming a certified Yoga teacher is one of profound transformation and radical self-discovery. It requires a dedicated practice, ongoing studentship, and a willingness to open to the creative impulse of life. 

Are you ready?

Prerequisites for this Yoga Teacher Certification Program

  • Minimum 1 year of yoga experience with regular practice for the past six months, or by teacher’s permission.
  • A sincere desire and motivation to learn, grow, open your heart, and be coached.
  • Acceptance into the yoga teacher certification program is based upon approval of your application.

Upon acceptance in the training you will be sent a book list, which is a required part of the TT.

Ashaya Yoga Teacher Training Course Content

During this yoga training course, you will:

  • Learn how to teach to the heart of the student using simple language and inspirational heart themes.
  • Understand precise alignment techniques that create safety.
  • Learn how to make the poses accessible to all levels of students.
  • Study postures in detail, including common misalignments, modifications, and use of props.
  • Learn effective sequencing for creative, flowing, and well-structured classes.
  • Study basic anatomy and kinesiology as related to specific poses.
  • Explore subtle anatomy including chakras, nadis, and kundalini.
  • Sharpen your observation skills and learn how to give adjustments.
  • Study yogic history and philosophy, with an introduction to Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, the Bhagavad Gita, and Tantra yoga.
  • Receive individual mentoring in small groups.
  • Open your heart and release stuck emotional blocks that hold you back.
  • Discover your authentic voice.
  • Increase your employability with professional practices and good business ethics.
  • Join a vibrant community who sees and supports your highest expression.
  • Be supported to establish a solid home practice
  • Immerse yourself in yoga teachings and community during a five-day retreat surrounded by nature.

At-Home Study Requirements for the Ashaya Yoga Teacher Training

Assignments are given between segments to facilitate the integration of the teachings. The homework constitutes an important aspect of the overall yoga teacher training and provides a structure of support for the learning process at home. The assignments include daily practice of asana, pranayama, and meditation, keeping a sadhana journal, weekly check-ins with study buddies, observation of other classes, practice teaching to friends, family, and/or students, required reading (subject to modifications), written exercises, and a take-home exam.

Note that the books won’t be on sale at the training, so you will need to order them beforehand. We will send you an updated list of the required materials early 2021.

Format and dates for the 200-hour Teacher Certification Training

This yoga teacher training complies with the updated Yoga Alliance requirements of 200 hours of actual teaching and extends over 6 months (March to August 2021). The 200 hours are shared as follows:

  • 133 in-person hours in central Copenhagen
  • 42 hours of on-site retreat, app. 2h30m from Copenhagen
  • 25 hours of online live classes spread over the period of the training (online sessions will be sent live and recorded for later use),
  • In addition to your own personal time for practice and homework during the course of the training.

The training program will take place at the following dates:

  • Module 1 – March, 18th to 21st
  • Module 2 – April, 29th to May, 2nd
  • Module 3 – June, 2nd to 6th (retreat)
  • Module 4 – June, 24th to 27th
  • Module 5 – August, 19th to 22nd

Sessions in Copenhagen will take place at The Yoga (Nørrebrogade 14B) for four 4-day modules (from Wed evening to Sunday afternoon).

The retreat will start Wed morning and ends Sunday afternoon. The 5-day on-site retreat will take place a few hours away from Copenhagen, in Denmark or South Sweden. Every participant is required to stay for the retreat. Details about the retreat location will follow early 2021.

Inclusion policy and language

HeartWise and The Yoga Flat are committed to create and promote an inclusive space where every person is welcome. Thus, we encourage every interested person to apply to the training regardless of nationality, native tongue, ethnicity, age, occupation, gender identity or sexual orientation.

Since all materials, manual, books, and part of the assistant staff are non-Danish speaker, the TT will be offered in English.

Although everyone will be encouraged to practice their teaching in English, Danish speakers will have the possibility to teach in Danish during the practice teach sessions and to communicate with the trainer Cédric in Danish.

Daily Yoga Teacher Training Schedule

The 4 Copenhagen-based, 4-day modules in this yoga teacher training program follow the following template (subject to change). Please keep some flexibility in your schedule throughout each module in case of necessary schedule changes.

 8:30-13:30 9:30-13:30 9:30-13:30 9:30-13:30

Yoga Alliance

This yoga certification training course is registered with Yoga Alliance at the 200-hour level and complies with updated standards. Once you become certified, you may register with Yoga Alliance as a 200-hour level RYT. For an application, visit the yoga alliance website.

Tuition and fees

The price includes all tuition for the TT course (teaching, facilitation, practice teach mentoring, extra teaching assistance), Ashaya Yoga 200-TT manual, boarding/food and accommodation in a shared room for the retreat (upgrade for single room might be available at an extra price).

The price does not include: transportation and accommodation during the 4 Copenhagen-based modules, transportation to and from the retreat, required books and other materials not included in the TT manual binder, personal yoga props (props might be borrowed at the studio, depending on the current COVID safety rules), and other personal costs.

BASIC price: 31,000 DKK (if application received after Jan 1, 2021)

EARLY BIRD price: 28,500 DKK (if application received by Dec 31, 2020)

Payment plans available. Ask Cédric for details.

Application to the TT

If you would like to join the training, please fill up an application (download the application below) and send it by email to cedric@heartwiseyoga.com with an attached picture.

Please answer all fields. Along the application, please transfer DKK 3000 for your deposit (bank info in the application). The deposit is non-transferable and non-refundable (In case of non-acceptance in the TT, your deposit will be of course refunded).

The application can be answered and filled in Danish and is available on the link below.

DOWNLOAD THE TT APPLICATION BY CLICKING HERE (Word file), fill it up and send it to Cédric

Please allow up to 2 weeks for the treatment of your application.

The number of participants in the TT is limited to ensure an optimal learning and personal growth experience for everyone. Applications and acceptances will be treated continuously and on a first-come, first-served basis. 

You are more than welcome to contact Cédric cedric@heartwiseyoga.com with questions and interests about the training. If you don’t know Cédric or Ashaya Yoga, we encourage you to come to one of Cédric’s classes or workshops at Yoga Flat and get a chat!


Cédric Gorinas and the Yoga Flat