Coaching & Business Team Workshops

When not teaching yoga and meditation, I offer personal and professional coaching, both 1:1 and team-based, through HeartWise’s other branch: HeartWise Co. Read more here below or visit


HeartWise Co. offers tailor-made coaching to help you outgrow creative and mental blocks and reveal your full potential to the world.

For me, personal growth and business growth go together. Through individual or group sessions, we work towards fulfilling both personal goals and professional ambitions.


  “To be human is to become visible, while carrying what is hidden as a gift to others” – David Whyte


About the work

To me, Cedric, the founder of HeartWise Co., the key to a fulfilling life is the ownership of our strengths, while seeing each challenge as an opportunity to grow and realize our full potential.

HeartWise’s approach is holistic and revolves around three main pillars: strength-enhancing, mindfulness-based, and heart-centered.

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